The waitress was born when I discovered an abandoned retro diner in the small Hollywood Riviera section of Redondo Beach, California. A plastered sign on the front of the building read “for rent”. Curiously, I peeped through the windows, seeing all of its original booths & counters. It made me wonder about all the stories and people that once frequented there. How many came on their first date, to breakup, to gossip about the current neighborhood scandal? How many were just there to let time pass by? What were some of the regulars like? What was on the menu? What clothes were people wearing? What cars were driving by? What music was playing? Then I began to daydream about a young waitress. She was a dreamer with hope in her eyes but felt stuck in her every day life. Maybe she was in an abusive relationship and wanted to be something. Sweet, but with a sharp tongue. What if her ghost came back to this place. What would she have to say about this current world?

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